Why I Blog

Identity formation

Blogging means a lot of different things to different people — money, fame, making friends. I blog to think clearly.

I started blogging while I doing a research year and living abroad. This was my first time in my life that I really carved out time to just think about life. I essentially made it my full time job to think, reflect, and think some more. During this year off, I blogged my way to creating a framework and identity for life.

Blogging vs. journaling

The act of publishing also pushing the quality of my thoughts to a much higher level than if I were to just journal. Whenever I look back at my journal, I can hardly figure out what I was thinking much less take away any lessons from the thoughts. When I blog, I make sure my thoughts are at least coherent and at the very least, I know I am exercising a few writing muscles.

Thoughts are fleeting, blogs are permanant

While I know this probably sounds scary to most, I think the permanance of blogging is a good thing. Politicians get penalized all the time and are called “flip-floppers” when they change their opinions, but I think having the intellectual humility to change opinions over the course of our lives is crucial. Opinions change. People change. I think blogging is one of the best ways to track personal/intellectual development over the course of our lives.


It is really fun to see my writing, personal growth, and intellectual growth develop over the years. Sometimes, my mentalities on life flip around 180 degrees. Othertimes, it is shocking to see how little I have changed. And sometimes, I end up writing about the exact same topic again, and it is super satifying to see how my ideas become just a little bit more nuanced. Blogs are a really nice snapshot of what we are thinking